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    re: "would beacons be viable during WW2"

    See, eg

    Air Defence of Great Britain Vol I Growth of Fighter Command
    Referring to the outbreak of war 1939, p67
    "In the fifteen fighter sectors a Direction Finding system that
    enabled fighters to "home" on to their bases, had been set up, but
    a further refinement, which made it possible for a sector commander
    to control his squadrons from the ground, had been provided in two
    sectors only. Thirty-one D/F stations had still to be provided for
    this purpose; meantime the majority of the fighter force relied on
    intercepting by means of the less satisfactory method of Dead
    reckoning navigation."

    and slightly later

    Signals Vol VIII Aircraft Radio
    See Ch17 Beam Approach Beacon System p452 ff
    BABS: introduced from early 1941, the first setup using an IFF-type beacon.

    As for light beacons, like airfield lights, turned on or off at will as need (eg "intruders") dictated, as Chisholm, a Beaufighter pilot, described.
    See, eg, RAF Historical Society Journal 17A
    6, Second World War
    "Dependence on dead reckoning and astro, when the conditions permitted, was not always
    adequate. Over the UK one useful visual aid was provided by the flashing beacons, or lighthouses..."

    Hence the RAF (War) Aviation maps, all editions with all beacon types marked.
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