I'm looking to further ID the following pilots of 152 Sqn.:

Armstrong, Sgt. T. (July 43) [possibly same individual who was a W/O in 323 Sqn. in July 44 also possibly 1032515 Thomas Armstrong later commissioned as 185336]

Ash, F/Sgt. R. H. (posted in 27 Feb. 43)

McLean, P/O C. S. (RCAF) (posted in from 412 Sqn. 29 Oct 41 - posted out to 401 Sqn. 01 March 42)

MacPherson (also given as McPherson), P/O M. (He was shot down on 25 Nov. 42 becoming a PoW - the only likely match I found on the RAF Commands PoW list was Malcolm Robert MacPherson RCAF J15743)

Paris, Sgt. (later) P/O W. P. (Nov.42 to at least Mar.43 - commissioning was noted in the ORB on 19 March 43)

Thomson, Sgt. A. S. (Feb.43) [possibly 1346341 Alexander Sutherland Thomson]

Thomson, P/O T. R. (Nov.41) [possibly Thomas Russell Thomson (85246)]

Tindale, Sgt. (later P/O) J. W. (Dec.42 to March 43)

Tooth, F/O J. A. "Tony" (May to July 43) [possibly James Anthony Tooth (113420)]

Unsted, F/Sgt. Ernest T. H. RAF 920507 {middle names? - AIR 78 only shows first and last name)

Walker, F/O L. (posted in as Sgt, on 26 May 42 - WiA on 28 Nov. 42)

Thanks for any insights.