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Thread: 410615 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-06-1941

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    Default 410615 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-06-1941


    410615 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-06-1941

    From Henk's List -

    GREEN, Arthur James - AC1c - R/81182 - RCAF.
    Vancouver (Mountain View) Cemetery, British Colombia, Canada.
    Died in St.Johns Hospital, Sudbury as result of injuries sustained when hit by a motor car while crossing the street.

    BOWKER, William Arthur - AC2c - 1133886 - RAFVR - 4 BAT Flight.
    Tyldesley Cemetery, Lancashire.
    He was dangerously injured on 12 June at RAF Wyton when the MT vehicle in which he was a passenger collided with an aircraft. He was admitted to Huntingdon General Hospital at 03:00 Hours dying of his injuries at 01:15 Hours.

    EDGINTON, Stanley - Lac - 942975 - RAFVR.
    Allesley (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, Warwickshire.
    Died when a punt containig three airmen capsized in a strong current on the river Ouse near Houghton mill, Hemingford, Huntingtonshire.

    TOMPSETT, Stanley Charles - Sgt - 914760 - RAFVR - 75 Sqdn.
    Brighton (The Downs) Cemetery, Sussex.
    Killed in a motorcycle accident on the Norwich to Wymondham road at Hethersett, Norfolk.

    TOLLADY, John William - Air Fitter (E) - Fx.79028 - HMS Daedalus - RN.
    Robin Hood Cemetery and Crematorium, Solihull, Warwickshire.
    B - February 3rd 1918, D - 15th June 1941.
    Death registered at Henley - In - Arden, Stratford-on-Avon District, Warwickshire.
    Cause of death ?

    From CWGC -

    BIRTWISTLE, Douglas Stuart - Sgt - 982332 - RAFVR.
    CAMPBELL, Ronald Bertram - P/O - J/3746 - RCAF.
    COWING, Gordon Lloyd - Sgt - R/63748 - RCAF.
    PROCTOR, John Andrew - Sgt - R/56160 - RCAF.
    VICKERS, Geoffrey Herbert - Sgt - 977780 - RAFVR.
    These five airmen rest at BONE War Cemetery, Annaba, Algeria.
    They were crew of Wellington Ic - N2803 - 15 OTU.
    See: AIR 81/7400.

    BRINE, William Edward - P/O - 406023 - RAAF
    Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
    Maryland - AH283 - 24 Sqdn.(24 Sqdn SAAF aircraft with a 39 Sqdn crew).

    KNIER, Adalbert - GAF.
    KUHNERT, Franz - GAF.
    LAUBERSHEIMER, Heinrich - GAF.
    MUELLER, Guenter - GAF.
    SCHMALFUSS, Werner - GAF.
    These five German Airmen rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
    Cause of death ?


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    Default Re: 410615 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-06-1941


    TOLLADY, John William - Air Fitter (E) - Fx.79028 - ADM 104 records that his death was due to a fractured skull, the result of a motor accident.

    The inquest into the accident was reported in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald of June 20th 1941, and it reports that Tollady and his friend Douglas Horace Anthony Wareham aged 20, of Henley-in-Arden, were killed when their car crashed on the main road half a mile from Henley-on-Arden. The car was an early 21st birthday present for Wareham, and two witnesses who were travelling in a car going the other way stated that the car came round a bend at a 'terrific' speed, touched the verge and then their back wheel a glancing blow, causing Wareham's car to crash. Both men were pinned under the car.
    Both were eventually released and admitted to hospital at 6.15 p.m. but Tollady was already dead, and Wareham seriously injured with a fractured skull. He died of his injuries at 7.35 p.m.
    A Police Constable who was called to the scene testified that Wareham's car had struck a tree and was wrecked, and the speedometer was stuck at 53 m.p.h. An expert witness suggested that Wareham's near-side front tyre may have been faulty and burst, but as there was no proof of whether it happened before or after it struck the other car a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned by the Coroner.


    Researching R.A.F. personnel from the North East of England

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    Default Re: 410615 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-06-1941

    Hi Alex,

    Lt Adalbert Knier (Pilot)
    Uffz Franz Kuhnert (Observer)
    Uffz Werner Schmalfuss (R/O)
    Uffz Günter Müller (Gunner)
    Fw Heinrich Laubersheimer (Mech)

    He 111H Werk # 3248 "6N + DK" 2/KGr-100



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