GODFREY, Thomas William George, A/F/L (68176, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.10 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 4 August 1942. Born 1915 in Crewe; enlisted 1931 as an Aircraft Apprentice; served in Iraq, 1938-38; commissioned 29 May 1941. Flight Lieutenant, May 1942. Squadron Leader, 1 January 1955. Retired 18 March 1969. Air Ministry Bulletin 7711 has citation.

On a night in April 1942, Flight Lieutenant Godfrey was detailed to participate in a low level bombing attack on the German naval base at Trondheim. Over the target area his aircraft was intercepted by an enemy fighter. Coolly diving straight down through an intense barrage, Flight Lieutenant Godfrey evaded the attacker. He then carried out an attack right across the target from an extremely low height. The attack was repeated the following night and his bombs once more straddled the target. Flight Lieutenant Godfrey has displayed considerable dash and enthusiasm when attacking his allotted target. He has several times earned praise for securing excellent photographs. He is an outstanding pilot.

Subsequently I found the original recommendation in DHH file 181.009 (D.1505), Library and Archives Canada RG.24 Volume 20599; raised 17 May 1942 by W/C B. Tait: he had flown 23 sorties (175 operational hours). Compare with the above:

“Acting Flight Lieutenant Godfrey has been with No.10 Squadron since 15th August 1941 and was eight days mentioned in despatches for brilliant work in bringing a crippled aircraft out of a spin and back to base after the pilot had been sick.

“On the night of 27th April 1942 he was briefed to carry out a 150 foot low level bombing attack against the “Von Tirpitz” sheltering in the narrow Ans Fjord, Norway. The operation was rendered even more hazardous by the high surrounding cliffs, which allowed entry to the fjord only via the heavily defended mouth.

“Over the target area the aircraft was chased by a night fighter and it was only after diving straight down through intense ground fire that Flight Lieutenant Godfrey was able to shake it off. He then proceeded to carry out a perilous attack from low height right across the enemy ship. The attack was repeated the following night and again he dived down, his bombs once more straddling the target. As the aircraft was fighting its way out of the fjord the flight engineer shouted that the battleship appeared to be listing to starboard and very low at the stern.

“Since the day he joined the squadron this intrepid captain has been conspicuous for his dash and enthusiasm in attacking the target, and has several times been commended for bringing back excellent photographs. He is undoubtedly a very superior pilot who consistently displayed complete disregard for personal danger. The immediate award of the DFC would be only just tribute to his already brilliant operational career.” (263 words)

GODFREY, Thomas William George, A/S/L (68176, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.156 Squadron - Bar Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 December 1944. Citation in Flight of 11 January 1945.

Squadron Leader Godfrey is now on his second tour of operational duty. Apart from completing attacks on many heavily defended German targets, Squadron Leader Godfrey has been on numerous sorties against military targets in France. He has consistently displayed great determination and keenness to operate against the enemy and by his coolness, tenacity and Devotion to duty has achieved many successes.

GODFREY, Thomas William George, S/L, DFC (68176) - Member, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 June 1963/