WHYTE, Leonard George Albert, P/O (119497, RAFVR) - No.10 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 4 August 1942. Born 12 December 1916. Airman 1280709, commissioned 26 March 1942. Squadron Leader, 22 April 1945. Died in Hastings, 1997. Text from Flight, 3 September 1942 and Royal Air Force Quarterly, December 1942.

This officer has performed much excellent work. One night in April 1942, he participated in a bombing attack on the German naval base at Trondheim. Whilst over the target area an intense concentration of anti-aircraft fire was encountered. Undeterred, Pilot Officer Whyte dived through the barrage to make a low attack. The operation was repeated the following night, and again he pressed home his attack from a perilously low height in the face of shattering enemy fire. This intrepid captainís operational career has been characterized throughout by high intelligence and resource.

WHYTE, Leonard George Albert, A/W/C, DFC (119497, RAFVR) - No.102 Squadron - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 21 September 1945. Citation in Air Ministry Bulletin 19736.

This officer, since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, has continued to participate in sorties against many heavily defended targets including Cologne, Essen and Bremen. Throughout, he has shown a high quality of airmanship and captaincy, pressing home his attacks with courage and determination which have set an excellent example to his squadron.