SEYMOUR-PRICE, George Phillip, W/C (34056, Royal Air Force) - No.10 Squadron Detachment, Middle East - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 4 December 1942. Born at Chelsea, 6 June 1912; home at Hambledon; educated at Aldenham School, Elstree, and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Commissioned 24 March 1933. As Flying Officer, to No.802 (Fleet Fighter) Squadron, 2 June 1936. To No.77 Squadron, 2 December 1941. To command No.10 Squadron Detachment, Middle East, 29 June 1942. To No.462 Squadron, 7 September 1942. Public Record Office Air 2/9606 has citation. Retired 2 July 1967 as Air Commodore. Died February 1996.

On 5th September Wing Commander Seymour-Price led his squadron in an attack on Heraklion in Crete. One aircraft was forced to return with engine failure and his second section broke off to attack at a different angle leaving Wing Commander Seymour-Price with a section of only two aircraft. In the face of intense anti-aircraft fire the attack was pressed home but his companion was shot down in flames and Wing Commander Seymour-Price's aircraft severely damaged. On the return journey he was attacked by a fighter but, with great skill and daring, he manoeuvred his aircraft away into the mountain valleys where it was impossible to continue the combat. He then flew safely back to base and, despite the disabled condition of his aircraft, made a perfect landing. At all times Wing Commander Seymour-Price has shown great courage and devotion to duty.