SOMERSCALES, Stanley Alan, P/O (136222, RAFVR) - No.10 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 20 April 1943. Born 1918/ Airman 1072269, commissioned 7 September 1942. Killed in action as Squadron Leader, No.76 Squadron, 23 April 1944 (Halifax MZ578). Citation from Air Ministry Bulletin 9917. Described as pilot and captain of aircraft.

It is characteristic of this officer’s flying ability that he never flew on an operational sortie in the role of second pilot. On his first sortie the main hydraulic pipe-line burst shortly after taking off and one engine failed, but Pilot Officer Somerscales continued on his mission and bombed the target, returning with the bombs doors open. Returning from Bremen on another occasion this officer’s aircraft was attacked for 15 minutes by six enemy fighters, and although the bomber was hit, he succeeded in flying it back to base. Later, in September 1942, his aircraft was hit and badly damaged by shells. At the same time a Messerschmitt 110 attacked from astern and inflicted further damage before being shot down into the sea after an encounter lasting ten minutes. Pilot Officer Somerscales is a courageous and skilful captain of aircraft.