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Thread: 420530 - Unaccounted airmen - 30-5-1942

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    Hi Henk,

    Just a little more on your 16 OTU men.

    Warrant Officer Ernest Smith, flying a Wellington from No.16 O.T.U. at Upper Heyford, got into a spin in cumulo-nimbus cloud ten miles east of Southwold; at 2,000 feet he ordered his crew to bale out. They were still over the sea, but three of them went. One man, Sergeant Cuddington*, the tail gunner, didn't have time to get out, Smith pulled out of the spin at 200 feet, almost scraping the water as he brought his Wellington under control and climbed away. The three men who baled out had been within sight of of the coast as they parachuted down, but the most intensive search failed to find them and they were presumed lost at sea.

    The Thousand Plan:The Story of the First Thousand Bomber Raid on Cologne.

    At least, you have a couple of names to work on.

    *I recall reading about a Cuddington somehere, from memory, he was RCAF. (Possibly, CAN J/16758 P/O Leonard Frederick Cuddington DFC RCAF.)

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