Hello Mal

This thread is part of the 'Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen' database on here which was set up many years ago by the late Henk Welting to try to find the cause of death for those RAF personnel whose cause of death was up to that point unknown or obscure.

One of those was Corporal Doris E. Smith - see the original unaccounted list for this date on the first post of the thread:


Some casualties are easier to find now, due to more records being available online, or some members have specific areas of interest or expertise and are able to provide details.

I was lucky enough to find reference to Doris E. Smith in the newspaper archives on FindMyPast, which have proven very useful over the last few years since they were made available.

From ancestry.co.uk I know that Doris Ennew had a brother, Basil Frank Ennew, born in 1911 in Brighton and who died in 1975 in Shoeburyness. He was married and they had at least one child, born in 1935. No further details, unfortuately.

I'll download the two articles from the Lancaster Guardian and e-mail them over to you later today.