Royal Air Force Journal , September 1944

Royal Air Force Journal, September 1944 Issue – From the collection of Sgt L R Gwynne


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4 thoughts on “Royal Air Force Journal , September 1944

  1. Hello RAF gentlemen, I am the son of the British Spitfire pilot Peter Corin Brown. Why can’t I find anything about him here. Does this website only concern the RAF related to India? I would appreciate any information concerning my father. According to my information he was a Warrant Officer and stationed in Celle-Wietzenbruch (1946). Peter Corin Brown was born on 05. 06. 1923. He has 2 daughters, Jean and Alison. This first as basic information. I would like to send one or more photos, see if that works. I am his only son, but (unfortunately) a German citizen, my father had no idea of my existence. He already died in 1983. Unfortunately I did not find him earlier.
    Best regards
    Peter Böhme (adoptive name)

  2. Thankfully i have now contacted Peter Bohme directly and am able to furnish him with further details about his Father, my uncle!

  3. After 59 Years of intensive searching I am glad finding my Halfsister Jean, living in Ecuador. In January 2023 I visited her in Quito. Three very interesting weeks with a lot of information about my relatives in England and Australia. It’s an incredible feeling to have 25 new family members virtually overnight. I hope I still have enough time (I am also 76 years old) to visit them all. It would be nice to learn a lot more about my father, especially from members of his squadron, from his comrades in the Airforce.
    Peter, the german son of Peter Corin Brown, who died much too early.

    If pictures are wanted, contact me please

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