Royal Air Force Journal , September 1944

Royal Air Force Journal, September 1944 Issue – From the collection of Sgt L R Gwynne


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3 thoughts on “Royal Air Force Journal , September 1944

  1. Hello RAF gentlemen, I am the son of the British Spitfire pilot Peter Corin Brown. Why can’t I find anything about him here. Does this website only concern the RAF related to India? I would appreciate any information concerning my father. According to my information he was a Warrant Officer and stationed in Celle-Wietzenbruch (1946). Peter Corin Brown was born on 05. 06. 1923. He has 2 daughters, Jean and Alison. This first as basic information. I would like to send one or more photos, see if that works. I am his only son, but (unfortunately) a German citizen, my father had no idea of my existence. He already died in 1983. Unfortunately I did not find him earlier.
    Best regards
    Peter Böhme (adoptive name)

  2. Thankfully i have now contacted Peter Bohme directly and am able to furnish him with further details about his Father, my uncle!

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