The demise of Shorts Sunderland NJ177

The photos in this album come from a contributor on a facebook group. The fascinating set show the demolition of a Sunderland that was being salvaged – the aircraft’s serial appears to be NJ177 and the location is believed to be Selatar in Singapore.

Unfortunately the original contributor’s post on FB disappeared and i have been unable to trace the owner for proper credits. Please do leave a FB message here if these happen to be your images.

NJ177-04 NJ177-02 NJ177-03 NJ177-01 NJ177-00 NJ177-05 NJ177-06 NJ177-09 NJ177-08 NJ177-07 NJ177-10 NJ177-12 NJ177-13 NJ177-14 NJ177-11

5 thoughts on “The demise of Shorts Sunderland NJ177

  1. Does anyone know the story about a Sunderland striking rocks on the Oubangi river near the town of Bangui border of Central African Repuplic
    and D.R. Congo sometime around 1943/44
    Dad George Oxley Piesse Watson know as Bob mentioned it too but was very young

  2. I was the captain of Sunderland NJ177. The detachment at Iwakuuni was forced to evacuate by Tyhoon Grace to the USN base at Oppama on 17 August 1954. At 08.44 hrs. on 19 August 1954 the NJ 177 hit the sea wall and sank because the ground chain attached to the doughnut buoy had failed due to sea bed erosion. The doughnut buoy, still attached to NJ177, is clearly visible on the photograph of the aircraft hanging from the crane. It was said the wreckage was bought for 600,000 yen (£600) by a Japanese toy manufacturer!

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