Ken’s Photo album -India 1942

A photo album was contributed to our website and the most interesting photos of the lot are showcased here. The photo album belonged to an airman named “Ken” who appeared to have served in India in 1942 and 1943. Last name is unknown.

He was in UK in 1941 and at RAF Station Wetherfield. Likely shipped out from Liverpool – as there is a photo of him in UK dated 16th May 1942.

In India, he was in Bengal area in 1942, Chittagong (Sept 42 to March 43) and Bareilly (Sept 1943), Calcutta in 1944, Darjeeling in 1944 before he returned to UK and got married in August 1946

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  1. The Valentia and DC-2 were probably assigned to No. 31 Squadron, the only transport squadron in RAF (India) at that time; not sure about the Atalanta. The DC-2 was one of 12 purchased in the US in 1940 by the Government of India for civil use. They were later impressed into 31 Sq, asnd sent to the Middle East where several were lost in action. The remaining aircraft were returned (under protest) to India and flown in the resupply & evacuation of Rangoon and Burma.

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