Brewster Buffalo losses in Burma and India

In the latest update to the SEAC Aircraft Losses Database, the records of Brewster Buffalo losses in Burma and India have been added. 27 losses can be tracked. While the bulk of the Buffalos involvement in the fighting occurred in Malaya and Singapore, those losses are not in scope of the work here. Only 67 Squadron effectively used it in the SEAC area. And more than half are aircraft destroyed on the ground in Mingaladon or other RAF stations in Burma.

Buffalo I 27


The compilation of the losses would not have been possible without mentioning the sources below:

Admittedly there is very little value I could add to an already existing list that can be found in many places on the net and in various books. However I was able to find the details of the last Buffalo write off in India – which occurred in 1943! So that should count for something.


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