SEAC Losses – Westland Lysander

Lysander N1273 , BF-C of No.28 Squadron. 
Crashed on Take Off Kohat. Sgt RIDLEY attempted to take off in coarse pitch, failed to gain height and crashed outside the airfield perimeter. Pilot escaped unhurt, but aircraft was written off.

In the latest update to the SEAC Aircraft Losses Database, the records of Westland Lysanders in the Indian theatre have been added. A total of 62 incidents are recorded between 1941 to 1943 

Lysander II 62

The first Lysanders arrived in India at Karachi in mid 1941, and they served with two RAF and three IAF Squadrons. There were about a 100 Lysanders that were sent, ostensibly an effort at modernizing the RAF in India. Many were worn down veterans of the European and Mediterranean air war. And within months of induction were thrown in at the fore front of the first Burma Campaign. 

A few Lysander IIIs were inducted in 1945 to serve with No.357 Squadron on Special Duties role. About 4-5 were lost on operations or were disposed off at the end of the war. These are not covered in the above list. 

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