Update on the CWGC Airmen/Airwomen Database – 55%

A majority of Bomber Command serials have been updated in the CWGC Database . The DB is currently about 2800 records short of 50% . The Current query returns 122357 records,of which 58380 records (47.71%) have circumstances of death associated with them.

Year 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947
Total Records 689 6887 13016 21391 29783 33059 13730 2383 1419
Accounted 667 6358 11015 7263 12986 15778 4085 59 173
Unaccounted 22 529 2001 14128 16797 17281 9645 2324 1246

Also updated the charts page – it can now be queried by year.

Charts by Year : All Years | 1939 | 1940 | 1941 | 1942 | 1943 | 1944 | 1945 | 1946 | 1947

Available Charts : Monthly totals (and Completion %age) | Totals by Country | Totals by Conflict Region | by Aircraft Type

An example chart – Totals by Aircraft Type 

Lancaster (34.1), Wellington (15.6), Halifax (14.9), Blenheim and Stirling (5.5 each) in the order.. no doubt the chart will change as the data gets populated with other commands… 

Additional Charts (Query-able by Year) at  http://www.rafcommands.com/database/wardead/charts.php?qyear=

The update of the Bomber Command aircraft serials has been made possible by the information on the International Bomber Command Centre Website. Links to the pages are provided against the entries where the updates are done. 

The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a causality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casuality or details.  We acknowledge that the data compiled here comes from multiple sources. National Archive ORBs (links given) and other external websites. Even for external websites – it is quite likely that they refer to published material on RAF history and losses. Some of these books/authors are acknowledged in our Essential RAF Researchers Book List

Update 1st May 2019

Over the hill! – more than half the CWGC records are now ‘accounted for’ . 
Of the 122357 records, 67203 records (54.92%) have circumstances of death. 55154 records (45.08%) do not have details.  Again – thanks to the International Bomber Command Centre Website

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  1. Seeking any information on flight lieutenant Roman Chmiel DFC navigator in a polish crew flying Wellingtons and then Halifaxes who was with SOE , polish squadron 301 and then 1526 flying to Warsaw in August 44 from Brindisi..my uncle .. many thanks Anna Hinton

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